Meet the Students

A profile of each candidate will be posted on the website for Medica XXI.  The students being supported will periodically submit reports of their progress in classes, cases that have shaped their education, and unique issues of healthcare delivery that they confront during their training.  Also, plans for their medical practice in Malawi will be listed in their profile.

Of four candidates identified so far, three are now in pre-medical studies.

Asani Lida will attend medical school at Mzuzu UniversityMzuzuMalawi.

Joseph Chilewani will attend medical school at Mzuzu UniversityMzuzuMalawi.

Savello Kafwafwa has joined the program and is studying at  Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center.  Here's a recent note from Savello about some of his recent experiences.

Mzuzu is in the Northern part of Malawi.  It is often referred to as the Capital of the North. Mzuzu is a major stopping point on the North-South travel route and has the usual facilities of a larger town banks, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies and gas (petrol) stations.

A link to the Mzuzu University website is provided here for your interest.

The Kiliminjaro Christian Medical Center  website.



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