How Medica XXI Helps

Individuals interested in pursuing healthcare education, particularly clinical officer school and medical school are encouraged to apply to the programs of choice.  Letters of acceptance to the school and a request for support will be provided by the applicants.  The request for support will detail their interest in healthcare practice and their future plans.

The officers and members of Medica XXI will review the applications for legitimacy.  Upon determination of sponsorship, funds will be transferred directly to the school.  The financial officer of the school will then apply the funds to the student’s tuition and associated fees. Payment toward living expenses such as transportation, food and housing will go to either the student directly on a monthly basis or to the school for monthly dispersion to the student.

Biannual onsite visits will be conducted by Officers of Medica XXI or their designated in country representatives to assure appropriate application of funds.  Also, visits will provide an opportunity to meet with the students and school officials, and also to interview future candidates to sponsor.

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