A note from Savello 

dear brit,
hope all is well with you there, but really i have missed you. i was a bit quite because i was at Malingunde Health Centre for the past ten weeks. i came back yesterday.
i was asked to work there temporarily to take care of some of the challanges there. i should here admit that what i saw there was really unbelievable.
i found the health center without running water, the pit latrines were filled to the brim, the toilets drainage/sewege system was completely blocked, one nurse on duty working day and night against an average delivery of 85 babies per month, the guardians using an old demolished building as their bathroom, the pharmacy had been abandoned and drugs were being stored in a large wooden box, everything just looked completely messed up, it was worthy running away from the situation but i decided to confront the task head on, i had to pray and work with determination. iam glad to tell you that during the ten of my stay water has been re-installed, the drainage system rehabilitated, three new pit latrines and three guardians bathrooms constructed e.t.c... still more work needs to be done but i could nolonger be there as i had to prepare my school departure, it was an adventure truly.

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